A package to help use SignalR JS client with Dart


//Equivalent to var hc = $.hubConnection(url,options);
HubConnection hc = new HubConnection(url:'http://localhost:55780/signalr');
//Equivalent to $.connection.testHub on default local server
HubProxy proxy = hc.createHubProxy('testHub');
 Equivalent to
 proxy.on('broadcastMessage', function (name, message) {
proxy.on('broadcastMessage', (String name,String message) {
    document.querySelector('#messageList').appendHtml('<li>' + name + ' - ' + message + '</li>');

Jquery version

jQuery 2.x needs to be used.

This id due to how Dart handles function calls in its js interop library and how jquery 1.6.4 wrote 'promises' using done() and querying the 'arguments' property within the JS function.