Quiver strings

A set of string utilities for Dart.

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API Docs

isBlank checks if a string is null, empty or made of whitespace characters.

isEmpty checks if a string is null or empty.

equalsIgnoreCase checks if two strings are equal, ignoring case.

compareIgnoreCase compares two strings, ignoring case.

flip flips the order of characters in a string.

nullToEmpty turns null to empty string, and returns non-empty strings unchanged.

emptyToNull turns empty string to null, and returns non-empty strings unchanged.

repeat concatenates a string to itself a given number of times.

loop allows you to loop through characters in a string starting and ending at arbitrary indices. Out of bounds indices allow you to wrap around the string, supporting a number of use-cases, including:

  • Rotating: loop('lohel', -3, 2) => 'hello'
  • Repeating, like repeat, but with better character-level control, e.g.: loop('la ', 0, 8) => 'la la la' // no tailing space

  • Tailing: loop('/path/to/some/file.txt', -3) => 'txt'
  • Reversing: loop('top', 3, 0) => 'pot'