Quiver Async

Utilities for working with Futures, Streams and async computations.

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API Docs

Main Libraries

FutureGroup is collection of Futures that signals when all its child futures have completed. Allows adding new Futures as long as it hasn't completed yet. Useful when async tasks can spwn new async tasks and you need to wait for all of them to complete.

FutureStream turns a Future<Stream> into a Stream which emits the same events as the stream returned from the future.

StreamRouter splits a Stream into mulltiple streams based on a set of predicates.

CountdownTimer is a simple countdown timer that fires events in regular increments.

doWhileAsync, reduceAsync and forEachAsync perform async computations on the elements of on Iterables, waiting for the computation to complete before processing the next element.

CreateTimer and CreateTimerPeriodic are typedefs that are useful for passing Timer factories to classes and functions, increasing the testability of code that depends on Timer.

Metronome is a self-correcting alternative to Timer.periodic. It provides a simple, tracking periodic stream of DateTime events with optional anchor time.

Testing Libraries

FakeAsync enables testing of units which depend upon timers and microtasks. It supports fake advancements of time and the microtask queue, which cause fake timers and microtasks to be processed. A Clock is provided from which to read the current fake time. Faking synchronous or blocking time advancement is also supported.



Testing support for dart:async.