A set of utility libraries for Dart


Utilities for working with Futures, Streams and async computations.

FutureGroup is collection of Futures that signals when all its child futures have completed. Allows adding new Futures as long as it hasn't completed yet. Useful when async tasks can spwn new async tasks and you need to wait for all of them to complete.

StreamRouter splits a Stream into mulltiple streams based on a set of predicates.

CountdownTimer is a simple countdown timer that fires events in configurable increments.

doWhileAsync and reduceAsync perform async computations on the elements of on Iterables, waiting for the computation to complete before processing the next element.


visitDirectory is a recursive directory lister that conditionally recurses into sub-directories based on the result of a handler function.


count, cycle, enumerate, merge, range, and zip create, transform, or combine Iterables in different ways, similar to Python's itertools.

min, max, and extent retreive the minimum and maximum elements from an iterable.


pattern.dart container utilities for work with Patterns and RegExps.

Glob implements glob patterns that are commonly used with filesystem paths.

matchesAny combines multiple Patterns into one, and allows for exclusions.

matchesFull returns true if a Pattern matches an entire String.

escapeRegex escapes special regex characters in a String so that it can be used as a literal match inside of a RegExp.


Clock provides points in time relative to the current point in time, for example: now, 2 days ago, 4 weeks from now, etc. For tesability, use Clock rather than other ways of accessing time, like new DateTime(), so that you can use a fake time function in your tests to control time.



This library contains utilities for working with RegExps and other Patterns.