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Quark is a comprehensive testing framework, covering different styles and types of tests. Reflection with Reflectable makes test doubles, grouping and test definition a breeze.

It wraps the test package and works alongside other tools with the usual test runner.


Add quark and test to the development dependencies of your project.

# pubspec.yaml
  quark: any
  test: any # To get access to the test runner executable
> pub get
# Run the tests with the usual test runner command
> pub run test

Unit Testing

// lib/greeter.dart

class Greeter {
  final Greeting greeting;


  String greet(String name) {
    return '${greeting.phrase}, $name!';

// An example of a collaborator that can be mocked
class Greeting {
  final String phrase;

  const Greeting(this.phrase);
// test/unit/greeter_test.dart
import 'package:quark/quark.dart';
export 'package:quark/init.dart';

import 'package:greeter/greeter.dart';

// Clean test double declaration inspired by Mockito
class GreetingDouble extends TestDouble implements Greeting {}

class GreeterTest extends UnitTest {
  @test itGreetsAPerson() {
    // Creation using test double
    final greeting = new GreetingDouble();
    final greeter = new Greeter(greeting);

    // The greeting will return "Yo"

    // Make the assertion
    expect(greeter.greet('buddy'), 'Yo, buddy!');

    // Verify that the phrase was fetched from the greeting.

Integration Testing with Gherkin Features!

The Gherkin language, introduced by the Cucumber project, is a way to write features and business expectations in an extremely readable way.

# test/integration/welcome_on_home_screen.feature
Feature: Welcome message on the home screen

Scenario: Not logged in
  Given I'm not logged in
  When I visit the home page
  Then I expect to see "Hello, Guest!"

To write the implementations of feature steps, extend the IntegrationTest class and and annotate with the Feature annotation.

// test/integration/welcome_on_home_screen_test.dart

// The TestOn annotation and browser.dart export enables
// reading features by relative URI.
export 'package:quark/browser.dart';

// There is also a vm implementation.
// @TestOn('vm')
// export 'package:quark/vm.dart';

import 'package:quark/quark.dart';
export 'package:quark/init.dart';

// The Gherkin can also be written inline and can then be run in both
// the browser and the vm.
// @Feature('''
//   Feature: ...
// ''')
class WelcomeMessageOnTheHomeScreenTest extends IntegrationTest {
  @Given("I'm not logged in")
  imNotLoggedIn() {}

  @When("I visit the home page")
  iVisitTheHomePage() {}

  @Then("I expect to see \"(.*?)\"")
  iExpectToSee(String message) {}

If there are steps in the feature that have no implementation in the test, the test runner will print out snippets that can be copied into the test. Simple!

Running tests

Quark works on all platforms. Here's how to run all the tests:

> git clone https://github.com/emilniklas/quark.git
> cd quark
> pub serve # Start the transformer server - for Reflectable

# Then, in another tab
> pt -p vm,dartium,content-shell && pt -p chrome,phantomjs,firefox,safari --pub-serve=8080