#Purity OAuth2

A simple oauth2 library for the purity framework.

##Trying the login flow

To view the login flow in action you can run the integration tests in 3 ways, all require you run pub build first, in addition there is currently a bug in the pub build where the packages directory is not copied to the appropriate locations, so until this bug is fixed there is the requirement to copy the packages directory from build/test into all_on_client, bin, web directories in build/test/integration, then:

  • To see the real login flow with the host making requests to google services run build/test/integration/bin/host.dart then navigate to localhost:4346 and follow the on screen instructions, mainly to use the commands g-login then requestUserDetails.

  • To see the login flow being mocked with the purity framework, run index_with_purity.html enter showComs to view the communications window, then enter newClient, then in the new client window enter g-login then enter requestUserDetails.

  • To see the login flow being mocked without the purity framework, run index_without_purity.html, and enter g-login then enter requestUserDetails.



Author: Daniel Robinson http://github.com/0xor1


Author: Daniel Robinson http://github.com/0xor1


Author: Daniel Robinson http://github.com/0xor1