This library is highly experimental and its purpose is to be used during development.

Feedback and PR's are welcome


To help pub serve to support apps using HTML5 pushState for navigation during development.

Rewrite uses pattern matching to check if a given URL will be ignored or if changed to a new destination URL.

How to use

In the example bellow all json|html|js|dart|css|png will be ignored and the server proxied decide what will be served.

When the browser makes a request to eg: /admin/dashboard it will receive the content of admin.html.

All others requests that are not ignored or that matches with /admin/(.*) will be proxied to index.html.


import 'package:rewrites/rewrites.dart';


pub run bin/dev_server.dart

You also must start pub serve as it is still not integrated into this library yet, it may change in the future.

The URL on start(...) is the proxied URL (pub serve) and by default the server you should use to access your app should be localhost:8081