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Command-line prompting that is easy to data-drive, customize, and test.

  • Question - An information request to the user.
  • Prompt - ask (or askSync) a Question with customizable UX.
  • Top-level ask and askSync - Conveniences for using the default prompt.
  • MockPrompt - A mock prompt for testing purposes.

Barista Example


pub global activate den
den install prompt

...or the manual way.


import 'package:prompt/prompt.dart';

main() async {
  // Synchronously get a String from the user:
  var name = askSync('Name');

  // Asynchronously:
  var asyncName = await ask('Name');

  // Use [Question]s for more control:
  // Get a secret value:
  String password = askSync(new Question('Password', secret: true));

  // Get a boolean:
  bool likeCats = askSync(new Question.confirm('Like cats'));

  // Get an answer from a list of choices.
  String favoriteColor = askSync(new Question('Favorite color', allowed:
      ['red', 'green', 'blue']));

  // Get an `int` (custom validation):
  int favoriteNumber = askSync(new Question('Favorite number',
      parser: int.parse));

  // Make a function with prompting logic testable by passing it a prompt.
  // [prompt] is the default prompt.
  var sum = add3(prompt);

  // If you use [ask] anywhere, you must close stdin when done.

num add3(Prompt prompt) {
  var confident = prompt.askSync(Add3Questions.confident);
  if (!confident) {
    print('No sum for you!');
    return null;
  num getNum() => prompt.askSync(Add3Questions.addend);
  return getNum() + getNum() + getNum();

class Add3Questions {
  static final confident = new Question.confirm('Do you think this will work');
  static final addend = new Question('Enter a number', parser: num.parse);


import 'package:mock/mock.dart';
import 'package:prompt/testing.dart';
import 'package:unittest/unittest.dart';

import 'basic.dart';

main() {
  group('add3', () {
    test('should not allow doubters to ask any furthers questions', () {
      var mockPrompt = new MockPrompt((question) {
        if (question == Add3Questions.confident) return false;
        if (question == Add3Questions.addend) throw 'Asked doubter for addends';
        throw 'Unrecognized question';

      var sum = add3(mockPrompt);

      expect(sum, isNull);

    test('should calculate sum for believers', () {
      var mockPrompt = new MockPrompt((question) {
        if (question == Add3Questions.confident) return true;
        if (question == Add3Questions.addend) return 5;
        throw 'Unrecognized question';

      var sum = add3(mockPrompt);

      expect(sum, 15);