Project Builder

Project builder is a scaffolding generator for dart projects with custom templates. With it you can:

  • build new projects based on template
  • create new templates based on existing template
  • use placeholders in templates

Project builder comes with executable file for easier access to project from global scope.


Clone project files from GitHub and then run pub get to fetch dependencies:

git clone project_builder
cd project_builder
pub get

Now you can run it like this:

dart bin/builder.dart


Builder has 4 commands:

  • list - lists all available templates
  • info - gives all available information for a specific template
  • copy - creates new template based on existing template
  • build - generates new project based on a template

You can always use built-in help to get info about each command and available parameters by typing:

dart bin/builder --help
dart bin/builder help template
dart bin/builder help template list
dart bin/builder help template info
dart bin/builder help template copy
dart bin/builder help build

You can run all commands with -v flag which will enable verbose mode and give you extra information.


Here are some examples what you can do.

List all available templates:

dart bin/builder template list

Get information for template called basic

dart bin/builder template info -n basic

Create new template custom_basic by copying template basic

dart bin/builder template copy -s basic -t custom_basic

Build new dart projects called project1 in directory /dart/project1 by using template basic and by replacing placeholders var1 with "some value 1" and var2 with "some value 2"

dart bin/builder build -n project1 -t basic -t "var1=some value 1" -t "var2= some value 2" -d "/dart/"


Templates are stored in project_builder/templates folder. Here you can add new templates manually or create them by using builder template copy command.

Each template has a special builder.json file which has:

  • description: short template description
  • placeholders: list of placeholders used in template which will be replaced with values when building new project
  • rename: list of files that needs to be renamed when building new project

Here is an example of builder.json file:

  "description": "Basic console dart application",
  "placeholders" : [
  "rename" : [
      "from": "lib/main.dart",
      "to": "lib/{!name!}.dart"

In template files you can then use placeholders with this syntax:

print('Author of project {!name!} is {!author!}');

Where {!name!} and {!authors!} are placeholders.

Please note that you don't need to define {!name!} placeholder in builder.json because it will be automatically generated when running builder command from the name of the project you pass with --name option.


  • fix issue with paths when running as global executable
  • add bunch of different useful templates
  • add default values for placeholders
  • add optional switches
  • add global placeholders, like author, that can be used for all templates

Issues and bugs

Please file reports on the GitHub Issue Tracker.


Contributions are more then welcome! Just clone the repository make changes and issue pull request.

Thanks to

This project uses two awesome packages:



Project Builder library