This is a port scanner written in Dart; it scans a given list of IP and port ranges for open sockets, and reports back.


Scan a single IP:

dart bin/portscanner.dart -p80,8000-8080

This will scan for open ports on port 80, and 8000 through 8080.

Scan an IP range (using CIDR notation):

dart bin/portscanner.dart -p22

This will scan IPs from through for an open port 22 (SSH).


Uh, why Dart?

I wrote this utility as an exercise to help learn Dart and the Dart ecosystem (unit testing, pub, etc). It's probably terrible.

Should I actually use this?

As a Dart library to help find local open ports? Sure.

As a utility for finding open ports on a LAN? I guess you could.

As a tool for scanning the public internet? Definitely not. Try masscan instead.