play_pixi Build Status

A Dart port of pixi.js

  • All features were implemented.
  • All examples that were only minimally modified from original examples.
  • Tested in CocoonJS.

Want to build a game? Please check the Dart port of Phaser game engine naming play_phaser.


Demo and Examples

Change log

0.10.2 * Fix: Touch Events are not working in Chrome (thanks to #2).

0.10.1 * Fix: Changed type of _currentFrame as it can be a double too (thanks to #1).

0.10.0 * Refactor the code.

0.9.4+4 * Demo and Examples

0.9.4+ * upgrade to PIXI v1.6.1

0.9.4 * upgrade to PIXI v1.6.0 * strip snake example * complex graphics example

0.9.3 * Fix touch event in cocoonJS * Fix type error * Fix mobile view size.

0.9.2 * Fix example 11 (RenderingTexture) and example 15 (Filter) example in chrome. * Add Spine implementation and examples


  • Complete the document.
  • Ensure all nun-used fields should be private.