应该是在Google I/O 2011期间谷歌放出过一个倒计时钟的网页,效果和这个Demo相同,我非常喜欢。
这次尝试Dart,正好有这个钟的Sample Code,我就模仿做了一个,于是就有了这个facsimileClock。



During the the time of Google I/O 2011, I saw a webpage published by Google,which a count down clock consist by many balls on the page.When the time passes,some balls fell down and collide with each other.I like it very much.

So,this time,when I'm try to use Dart,I found a sample code of a clock just like the count down clock and I decide to make it.Then,when I finished,it was the facimileClock.

Read and split the sample code was a great journey,by that I learnt many ideas and skills of programming.And I found a little bug of the sample code:


After use it to built the clock.I think Dart is a language that combine the good structure of the OOP and the flexibility of javascript.Many features are very useful for coding.As it's current version is M2,I'm hoping for the coming version of 1.0.

With coding,have fun :)