PetitParser for Dart

Grammars for programming languages are traditionally specified statically. They are hard to compose and reuse due to ambiguities that inevitably arise. PetitParser combines ideas from scannerless parsing, parser combinators, parsing expression grammars and packrat parsers to model grammars and parsers as objects that can be reconfigured dynamically.

PetitParser was originally implemented in Smalltalk. Later on, as a mean to learn these languages, I reimplemented PetitParser in Java and Dart. The implementations are very similar in their API and the supported features. If possible I tried to adopt common practices of the target language.

Continuous build results are available from Jenkins. An introductionary tutorial is part of the class documentation.



This package contains a experimental features of PetitParser. The code here might be removed or changed in incompatible ways without keeping backward compatiblity.


This package contains a complete grammar of the Dart programming langauge.


This package contains a complete implementation of JSON.


This package contains a simple grammar and evaluator for LISP.


This package contains the core library of PetitParser, a dynamic parser combinator framework.


This package contains the complete grammar of Smalltalk.


This package contains a reasonably complete implementation of an XML parser and its associated AST.