This package is a simple-minded attempt at a Dart wrapper for OrientDB's REST/Json interface


Here is an example of orientdb_server in an MVC controller:

@RequestMapping(value: "/list", method: RequestMethod.POST) Future list(req, Model model) async { var completer = new Completer(); Map params = await req.getPostParams(); model.addAttribute('db_name', params['db_name']); var urlParts = new OrientDB_UrlParts('root', 'babcock', '', 2480); // await CreateDatabase(urlParts, params['db_name'], Storage.MEMORY, DBType.GRAPH); urlParts.createDatabase(params['db_name']).then((bool good) { model.addAttribute("dbstatus", "$good"); return; }).then((_) { urlParts.databaseList().then((list) { model.addAttribute('db_list', list); completer.complete("list"); }); }); return completer.future; }

Features and bugs

Current features

  • Get a list of databases
  • Create a database
  • Delete a database (untested)

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.



The orientdb_server library.