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This library will allow you to register listeners for (almost) arbitrary key presses and key combinations without need for ugly ifs with magic constants like

if (event.keyCode == 13) { //Enter
  //do stuff


Import library (after adding dependency and running pub install of course)

import "package:okeyee/okeyee.dart";

Create Keyboard object that will store information about registered actions

var keyboard = new Keyboard();

You can create multiple Keyboards and they will be independent.

Register actions. You can pass list of Key's or string combinations (Sublime Text like). Strings are case insensitive ("Ctrl+A" is the same as "ctrl+a")

keyboard.register([Key.Ctrl, Key.Shift, Key.S], (_) => print("Ctrl + Shift + S"));

keyboard.register("ctrl+alt+d", (_) => print("Alt + Ctrl + D"));

Whitespaces in string combinations are not allowed. You can have multiple modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) in your combinations (e.g. "ctrl+shift+a"), but only one normal key. I.e. "ctrl+k+q" won't work.

Pass Keyboard#press as listener to keyboard event stream


You can also pass keyboard to onKeyDown stream, but then you will destroy default browser actions for your keys and combinations. E.g. F5 will no longer refresh page, Ctrl+A will no longer select all and so on. It may be what you want, but not necessarily.

You can register multiple actions to the same combination

keyboard.register("shift+d", (_) => print("Listener one"));
keyboard.register("shift+d", (_) => print("Listener two"));

You can unregister actions in a way analogous to registering them

keyboard.unregister([Key.Ctrl, Key.A]);

Press keys and watch your actions execute!