Mustache for Dart

A simple implementation of mustache for the Dart language. At the moment this project serves as an excuse to better explore the language. Although it is still in development you can have a look at what is capable of at the tests

Using it

In order to use the library, just add it to your pubspec.yalm as a dependency

  mustache4dart: any

and you are good to go. You can use the render toplevel function to render your template. For example:

var salutation = render('Hello {{name}}!', {name: 'Bob'});
print(salutation); //shoud print Hello Bob!

Compiling to functions

If you have a template that you are going to reuse with different contextes you can compile it to a function using the toplevel function compile:

var salut = compile('Hello {{name}}!');
print(salut('Alice')); //should print Hello Alice! 

Running the tests

At the moment the project is under heavy development. If you want to run the tests the following commands should be enough

git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update 
pub install

At the moment mustache4dart can pass all comments, interpolation, inverted and sections specs.


Until a stable release the versioning of the project will be 0.0.NUM where NUM should be the number of groups of the mustache specs that pass.

Build status

Build Status You can watch the project failing live by clicking at the status badge :-)