This provides a minimal transformer that generates CustomRule subclasses for serialization of Dart struct objects (only public fields required for serialization, no constructor parameters).

For an example of usage, see\_serialization\_example/latest

Basic usage is In your pubpsec

    - minimal_serialization :
      $include: lib/stuff.dart lib/more_stuff.dart
      format: <lists|maps> // If omitted, defaults to lists

For each library 'foo' listed in the $include section this will generate a 'foo\_serialization\_rules.dart' library with serialization rules for those classes. Depending on the value of format, those rules will generate the output as either lists (more efficient) or maps (easier to read for debugging.) You can use these like

   import 'package:my_package/stuff_serialization_rules.dart' as foo;
   var serialization = new Serialization();