Managed Mongo

Managed Mongo is a simple wrapper for downloading and running a MongoDB server from inside a dart application.

Use Case 1: Utilizing a real MongoDB instance inside unit and integration tests

import "package:unittest/unittest.dart";
import "package:managed_mongo/managed_mongo.dart";

main() {
  MongoDB mongodb;
  setUp(() async {
    var downloadUrl = "";
    mongodb = new MongoDB(downloadUrl);
    await mongodb.start();

  tearDown(() async {
    await mongodb.stop();

  test("running flag updates when start and stop are called", () async {
    // ...your code that uses MongoDB here...

Use Case 2: Automatic installation and creation of MongoDB on an end-user's machine

import "package:managed_mongo/managed_mongo.dart"

main() async {
    var downloadUrl = "";
    MongoDB mongodb = new MongoDB(downloadUrl);
    await mongodb.start();
    // your code here
    int exitCode = await mongodb.stop();
    print("MongoDB completed with exit code: $exitCode");

Supported Archive Types

The download url must point a properly encoded file with one of the following extensions:

  • .zip
  • .tar
  • .tar.gz
  • .tgz

All other file extensions will result in an error.


  1. Further customization options (i.e. other command line flags)
  2. General code cleanup and refactoring