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Fast & simple storage - a Dart LevelDB wrapper


LevelDB is a simple key/value data store built by Google, inspired by BigTable. It's used in Google Chrome and many other products. LevelDB supports arbitrary byte arrays as both keys and values, singular get, put and delete operations, batched put and delete, bi-directional iterators and simple compression using the very fast Snappy algorithm.

leveldb_dart aims to expose the features of LevelDB in a Dart-friendly way.

LevelDB stores entries sorted lexicographically by keys. This makes leveldb_darts's getItems interface a very powerful query mechanism.

Basic usage (Ubuntu / Debian)

leveldb_dart is a Dart native extension so adding it as a pub dependency is a two step process.

First you need to install and build leveldb_dart.

$ apt-get install libleveldb-dev
$ git clone https://github.com/adamlofts/leveldb_dart.git
$ cd leveldb_dart
$ DART_SDK=/path/to/dart-sdk make

Now add leveldb_dart as a path dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

name: my_project
    path: /my/path/to/leveldb_dart

Check out bin/main.dart for example usage.