HTML library for Dart / DDC (polymerize)

This library is an HTML library generated by html_wrapper_generator starting from webidl files (stolen from the firefox project and then adapted).

It leverages the @JS interop Dart layer and aims to completely replace the (at the moment) out dated dart:html library.

As a separate package from the SDK this library has the main advantage to be updated more frequently.

Notably this library adds support to latest standards:

  • WebComponents v1
  • ShadowDom

How to test it

At the moment this library only works on DDC and with polymerize. It will be eventually ported to dart2js and to dazel.

To build the sample demo just follow these instructions:

  1. install polymerize

    pub global activate polymerize

  2. prepare the project

    polymerize init --rules-version=v0.0.11

  3. build it with bazel

    bazel build html5

The build result will be in the bazel-bin folder from where you can serve with your favourite server, for instance:

cd bazel-bin
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


Tested only for chrome. Firefox should work apart from some support for html import that's still missing.