README for hashroute.dart

hashroute.dart is a simple location hash router for Dart. Using it is simple: you create a new HashRouter object, and with the addHandler() resp. addHandlerFunc() methods, you can add handlers for routes. Routes are specified in a Sinatra-like style.

With the goTo() method, you can set the location hash, which will then trigger the corresponding handler (if any of your routes matches).

And with the run() method, you can call the location hash that is currently set. You will need this if you want to create single-page apps with copy-paste-able URLs where the location hash references data or a specific action that shall be executed.

Currently, the best documentation is the example and hashroute.dart itself. The code is simple, so it should be reasonably easy to understand.


See the file LICENSE for details.


Andreas Krennmair <[email protected]>