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Handheld is a wrapper for PhoneGap allowing you to write native mobile applications in Dart.

Quick Guide

  1. Go through the PhoneGap setup guide and make sure that PhoneGap is working before you proceed.

  2. Add the folowing to your pubspec.yaml and run pub install

      handheld: any
  1. Run it
    import "package:handheld/handheld.dart";
    main() {
      handheld.onDeviceReady((Device device) {
        device.notification.alert("hello from Dart");

PhoneGap API status

Function Supported API Version
Accelerometer yes 2.5
Camera no 2.5
Capture no 2.5
Compass no 2.5
Connection no 2.5
Contacts no 2.5
Device yes 2.5
Events no 2.5
File no 2.5
Geolocation no 2.5
Globalization no 2.5
InAppBrowser no 2.5
Media no 2.5
Notification yes 2.5
Splashscreen no 2.5
Storage no 2.5



Dart wrapper for PhoneGap


Utilities for building and deploying Dart apps on PhoneGap devices


Mock version of handheld, useful for developing mobile apps inside the DartEditor without having to deploy to a device emulator.