Gun is a tool for working with Dart Code. It is similar to the Go Command Line Tool. It combines multiple Dart SDK commands into a single easy to use command.


Usage: gun <command> [options]

run: Run a Dart Script
analyze: Analyze Dart Code
format: Format Dart Code
docgen: Generate Documentation
js: JavaScript Compiler
pkg: Package Manager
get: Fetch Dependencies
build: Build Dart Code
install: Installs a Global Package
uninstall: Uninstalls a Global Package
upgrade: Upgrade Dependencies
downgrade: Downgrade Dependencies
deps: Display a Dependency Graph
tool: Runs a Tool


Addons are available for Gun!

Install an Addon:

$ gun addons install stagehand

Uninstall an Addon:

$ gun addons uninstall stagehand


Here are a few addons:

  • den
  • stagehand
  • tuneup
  • dartdoc

Create an Addon

Make a Pull Request for your addon to this repository! See this example for how to make an addon.