Grinder for Dart

A task based, dependency aware build system.

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Breaking changes!

Warning: lots of breaking changes in v0.6! Please see the


A library and tool to drive a command-line build.

Grinder build files are entirely specified in Dart code. This allows you to write and debug your build files with the same tools you use for the rest of your project source.

Generally, a Grinder implementation will look something like this:

void main([List<String> args]) {
  task('init', init);
  task('compile', compile, ['init']);
  task('deploy', deploy, ['compile']);
  task('docs', deploy, ['init']);
  task('all', null, ['deploy', 'docs']);


init(GrinderContext context) {
  context.log("I set things up");


Tasks to run are specified on the command line. If a task has dependencies, those dependent tasks are run before the specified task.

Command-line usage

usage: dart grinder.dart <options> target1 target2 ...

valid options:
-h, --help    show targets but don't build
-d, --deps    display the dependencies of targets


pub run grind <args>

will run the tool/grind.dart script with the given arguments.

API documentation

Documentation is available here.


This is not an official Google product.



A library and tool to drive a command-line build.


General file system routines, useful in the context of running builds. This includes the FileSet class, which is used for reasoning about sets of files.

Commonly used tools for build scripts, including for tasks like running the pub commands.