GRAPH Embeddable ENgine with Gremlin API, with no additional dependencies.

See test folder for a lot of examples of usage.

import 'package:grapheen/grapheen.dart';
Grapheen g = new Grapheen();
Pipe vIM = g.addVertex({"name":"Iron Maiden"}); // id=1
Pipe vHM = g.addVertex({"name":"Heavy Metal"}); // id=2
Pipe e1 = g.addEdge(vIM,vHM,"PLAYS"); // id=3
List<int> ids;
ids = g.V(1).outE().inV(); // [2]
ids = g.V("name","Iron Maiden").outE("PLAYS").inV(); // [2]
g.V(1).setProperty("name","Iron 'The best' Maiden");


I am implementing the Gremlin API as needed for my projects, so far I have:

Adding to graph: addVertex , addEdge

Changing the graph: setProperty, remove

Traversing the graph: V, E, inE, outE, bothE, inV, outV, bothV

Filtering pipeline: has, hasNot

Transforming pipeline: dedup, order (just the property based)


Performance mainly depends on performance of storage. Since the most expected usage is inside the web browser, compiled to javascript. All measurements are in compiled mode in Opera on my MacBook.

  • Sample data is snippet of my dogs database, it has 4.300 vertexes and about 12.000 edges.
  • number is OPERATIONS PER SECONDS, so 500 means, that such workflow, will run 500 times in one second
-----WORKFLOW----------- MEMORY------------------------------------------
createVertex          |  82.633 |     
load data set         |       5 |
query by ID           | 362.894 |
query by property     | 103.439 |
query by two props    |  21.863 |
query by edge         |  39.682 |
query by named edge   |  32.841 |