Package of Google APIs


This repository contains auto-generated client libraries for accessing Google APIs using dart. It has the usual dart package layout.


The first step is to obtain oauth2 access credentials. This can be done using the googleapis_auth package. Your application can access APIs on behalf of a user or using a service account.

After obtaining credentials, an API from the googleapis package can be accessed with an authenticated HTTP client.

The following is an example of a command line application which lists files in Google Drive by using a service account.

Create a pubspec.yaml file with the googleapis_auth and googleapis dependencies.

  googleapis: any
  googleapis_auth: any

Create a service account in the Google Cloud Console and save the credential information. After that the Cloud Storage API can be accessed like this:

import 'package:googleapis/storage/v1.dart';
import 'package:googleapis_auth/auth_io.dart';

final Credentials = new ServiceAccountCredentials.fromJson(r'''
  "private_key_id": ...,
  "private_key": ...,
  "client_email": ...,
  "client_id": ...,
  "type": "service_account"

void main() {
                          [StorageApi.DevstorageReadOnlyScope]).then((http) {
    var storage = new StorageApi(http);
    storage.buckets.list('dart-on-cloud').then((buckets) {
      print("Received ${buckets.items.length} bucket names:");
      for (var file in buckets.items) {

Available Google APIs

The following is a list of APIs that are currently available inside this package.

Logo Google Compute Engine Autoscaler API - autoscaler v1beta2

The Google Compute Engine Autoscaler API provides autoscaling for groups of Cloud VMs.

Official API documentation:

Logo Cloud Monitoring API - cloudmonitoring v2beta1

API for accessing Google Cloud and API monitoring data.

Official API documentation:

Logo Google Cloud Datastore API - datastore v1beta2

API for accessing Google Cloud Datastore.

Official API documentation:

Logo Google Cloud DNS API - dns v1beta1

The Google Cloud DNS API provides services for configuring and serving authoritative DNS records.

Official API documentation:

Logo Genomics API - genomics v1beta

Provides access to Genomics data.

Official API documentation:

Logo Deployment Manager API - manager v1beta2

The Deployment Manager API allows users to declaratively configure, deploy and run complex solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Official API documentation:

Logo Cloud Pub/Sub API - pubsub v1beta1

Provides reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging between applications.

Official API documentation:

Logo Replica Pool API - replicapool v1beta1

The Replica Pool API allows users to declaratively provision and manage groups of Google Compute Engine instances based on a common template.

Official API documentation:

Logo Resource Views API - resourceviews v1beta1

The Resource View API allows users to create and manage logical sets of Google Compute Engine instances.

Official API documentation:

Logo Cloud SQL Administration API - sqladmin v1beta3

API for Cloud SQL database instance management.

Official API documentation:

Logo TaskQueue API - taskqueue v1beta2

Lets you access a Google App Engine Pull Task Queue over REST.

Official API documentation: