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# Giphy API Dart Wrapper

This is a wrapper to the Giphy API for Dart. It let's you use Giphy's API in your projects to load up amazong gifs. Who doesn;t like cat's gifs then?

Access and API Keys

The Giphy API is open to the public. They have instituted a simple, single public beta key system to let anyone try it out. The API key is required for all endpoints. <b>The public beta key is "dc6zaTOxFJmzC"</b>. Please use this key while you develop your application and experiment with your integrations.

Once you are ready to use the Giphy API in production, please contact [email protected] to request a unique API key. In your email please provide the following information:

  • The app name with brief description, web / app store links, etc.

  • What is the 'live date' of the app or feature that integrates with the API?

  • As per Giphy's section 5 A of their terms, they require all apps that use the Giphy API to conspicuously display "Powered By Giphy" attribution marks. You can find approved official logo marks here. Please be sure to include a screen shot of your app that includes the attribution.

Note: the public key is subject to rate limit constraints. Giphy do not encourage live production deployments to use the public key.


The following JSON endpoints are currently supported: