Dart Gh-Pages Generator

This project allows to create/update the gh-pages branch based on examples, dartdoc, docs and/or custom files.

Basically a new commit is done in the gh-pages branch with updated files generated. Then you only need to push this branch on github.


Here's how is generated gh-pages for this package :

import 'package:ghpages_generator/ghpages_generator.dart' as gh;

main() {
  new gh.Generator()
  ..setDartDoc(['lib/ghpages_generator.dart'], excludedLibs: ['path'])
  ..templateDir = 'gh-pages-template'


Here's the available actions :

  • generate the dartdoc with setDartDoc
  • compile and deploy the examples with setExamples
  • add the docs directory with withDocs
  • add static files with templateDir : all files in the template directory are pasted to the gh-pages branch


Apache 2.0