#FUri -- the functional URI.

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FUri exposes the building blocks of the dart:core Uri but with a functional interface.

Uri Path and Query can then be derived, such as accessors or calculated values.

FUri also exposes some of the interfaces hidden within Uri making it easier to write your own URI class.

FUri depends on the FUriOp functor class with the signature String call( FUri uri_, dynamic key_) to evaluate Query and Path.

FUri production depends only on dart:core; non-intrusive.


class Obj {
  String _value1;
  Obj( this._value1);
  String pathi( int val_ ) => "path${val_}";
  String get value1 => _value1;
  String calcI(int val_) => "value${val_}";
  String query() => "*:*";
  String format() => "json";

Obj obj = new Obj("value1");
FUri uri = new FUri( scheme:"http", host:"host", pathSegments:["path1","path2"])
    ..port = 8080
    ..pf( ()=>obj.pathi(3) )
    ..ps( "path4")
uri.qkf( "q", obj.query );
uri.qkf( "wt", obj.format );
expect( uri.uri.toString(), equals("http://host:8080/path1/path2/path3/path4?key1=value1&key2=value2&key3=value3&q=%2A%3A%2A&wt=json") );