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Simple form data parser.


Getting Started

Pubspec (you can use 'any' instead of a version if you just want the latest always)

  formler: 0.1.0
import 'package:formler/formler.dart';

Start parsing ...

// Parse a Multipart form
Formler formler = new Formler(bytes, "--someBoundaryStuff");
Map form = formler.parse(); // -> {fieldName: .... }

// Parse a UrlEncoded form
Formler.parseUrlEncoded("username=someValue+other%26val&password=eqwdawd9"); // -> { "username": "someValue other&val", "password": "eqwdawd9" }


new Formler(List<int> bytes, String boundary)

Creates a new Formler instance with the byte contents of the request and the boundary from the contentType.

  • bytes - (List<int>) A list of bytes respresnting the POST form data.

Returns the new instance of Formler.


Actually does the parsing of the data and creates the data map of the contents.

Returns Map representation of the parsed data.

(static) Formler.parseUrlEncoded(String postBody, bool printErrors = true)

Parses a UrlEncoded post body string.

  • postBody - (String) A string of key/urlencoded value pairs.
  • printErrors - (Bool) Set to false if you don't want Formler to print warnings to STDOUT. Default is true.

Returns Map representation of the parsed Data

Example: Encode a hex string.


In dartvm

dart test\formler_test.dart

In Browser

At the moment, this package does not work client-side as it uses server-side only UInt8Lists. I might have to wait till UInt8Arrays and UInt8Lists are merged into 1

Release notes

v0.1.1 - Fix empty string and handle malformed urlencoded strings gracefully.

v0.1.0 - Dart 1.0 Readiness

v0.0.8 - Fixing analyzer complaints.

v0.0.7 - Fixing package changes for Crypto and URI

v0.0.6 - Including fixes for TypedData and Regex and also switched to useing the Base64 Decode built into Crypto now.

v0.0.5 - Accepted pull request to add multi-file support. Must have overlooked this in my excitement to get this parser working.

v0.0.4 - Fixing an import/part issue that affected Fukiya.

v0.0.3 - Binary file upload parsing bug fixed.

v0.0.2 - Parsing Bugs.

v0.0.1 - Initial Release