Dart Force MVC


Part of the Dart Force Framework.

Serverside MVC based implementation for Dart. Easy to setup and part of the dart force framework!


Use a server with dart very easily, create controllers with annotations ...

First you will setup a new server.

WebServer server = new WebServer(wsPath: wsPath, port: port, host: host, buildPath: buildPath);

Then you use the on method to handle http requests.

server.on(url, (req) { /* logic */ }, method: "GET");

You can also use the annotation RequestMapping in a dart object

@RequestMapping(value: "/someurl", method: "GET")

Then you register that object on the WebServer object.


More info will follow in the coming days!


  • get more annotations and options for sending the response back
  • adding support for templates
  • adding support for a model
  • writing tests

Notes to Contributors

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