Dart Force Mirrors


Part of the Dart Force Framework.

A mirrors helper library for the dart force framework


This is how you can scrap the metadata info from an object.

MetaDataHelper<MetaData> mirrorHelper = new MetaDataHelper<MetaData>();

List<MetaDataValue<MetaData>> mirrorModels = mirrorHelper.getMirrorValues(new Anno());

The annotated class.

class Anno {

  void test() {}

MetaDataValue has the following fields:

Symbol memberName;

InstanceMirror instanceMirror; T object;

Search for classes that implement or extend for example the class Anno.

ClassSearcher<Anno> searcher = new ClassSearcher<Anno>();

List<Anno> searchResult = searcher.scan();

Notes to Contributors

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If you'd like to contribute back to the core, you can fork this repository and send us a pull request, when it is ready.

If you are new to Git or GitHub, please read this guide first.

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