#Eventable Build Status

Eventable provides 2 mixins to make your classes eventable, EventEmitter and EventDetector. Simply use these mixins to make your types either emit, detect or do both for custom events. To make a custom event simply extend off of the Event class and specify an interface implementation, but you do not have to implement it as Event is in fact a Json_Object. One final note to be aware of is that events are emitted asynchronously. Usage is best described with a simple example:


class Dog extends Object with EventEmitter{

  static const String BARK = 'dog_bark';

  void bark(int volume){
        new BarkEvent()
        ..volume = volume);

class Cat extends Object with EventDetector{

  void dogBarkHandler(BarkEvent event){
    if(event.volume > 10){
      print('cat not disturbed');

  void runaway(){
    print('cat running away');


class BarkEvent extends Event implements IBarkEvent{}
abstract class IBarkEvent{
  int volume;

void main(){

  var dog = new Dog();
  var cat = new Cat();

  cat.listen(dog, Dog.BARK, cat.dogBarkHandler);

  dog.bark(9);  // cat not disturbed
  dog.bark(11); // cat runs away



There is a special event type called OMNI which is a top level string constant in the eventable library which has the value 'omni', this is a special value which allows you to listen to every event emitted by an EventEmitter with a single EventAction, therefore it is strongly recommended when implementing your own event types you do not use 'omni' or you may find incorrect program behaviour as a result of doing so.


A typedef is specified in the eventable library which serves as the function signature accepted as the last argument to an EventDetectors

typedef void EventAction(Event event);


A given **EventDetector** can only listen to a specific event type from a specific
**EventEmitter** once, therefore it is an error to try to attach more **EventAction**s
to the same **EventEmitter**/event type combination. If a second attempt is made
by an **EventDetector** to listen to the same **EventEmitter**/event type combination
a **DuplicateEventSettingError** will be thrown.


It is not permitted to add or remove **EventAction**s whilst the event is being
emitted, meaning you may not attach an **EventAction** to an event which adds or
removes *EventAction**s from that same event, if such an attempt is made a 
**EmitTimeQueueChangeError** will be thrown.



author: Daniel Robinson http://github.com/0xor1