Dart Editor Build

This package allows a simple interaction with Dart Editor in build.dart. You can read Build.dart and the Dart Editor Build System to understand available interactions with Dart Editor.


When Dart Editor invokes build.dart

You can use the BuildOptions to parse arguments.

final opts = BuildOptions.parse(new Options().arguments);
opts.changed; // The list of files that changed and should be rebuilt.
opts.removed; // The list of files that was removed and might affect the build.
opts.clean; // bool
opts.full; // bool
opts.machine; // bool
opts.deploy; // bool

Provide results to Dart Editor

You can use BuildResult to create the output of build.dart.

final result = new BuildResult();
result.addError('foo.html', 23,'no ID found');
result.addWarning('foo.html', 24,'no ID found', charStart: 123, charEnd: 130);
result.addInfo('foo.html', 25,'no ID found');
result.addMapping('foo.html', 'out/foo.html');
print(result); // to provide information to editor


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