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Library for validate models similar to JPA Bean validation. It provides a way to validate a dart object using constraints which we can use for validation. To check if the object is valid we need to invoke the function validate this one returns an Object of type ValidationResult which contains a map of errors for every attribute of the object, for example:

library Validator.example;

import 'package:validator/validator.dart' as validator;
import 'package:drails_validator/drails_validator.dart';

bool lowerThanOrEqualNow(DateTime dateOfBirth) =>
  !dateOfBirth.isAfter(new DateTime.now());

bool isEmail(String email) =>
    isNotNull(email) && validator.isEmail(email);

class Person {
  int id;
  @Length(min: 2)
  String firstName;
  @Length(min: 2)
  String lastName;
  @ValidIf(isEmail, customDescription: 'The entered email is invalid')
  String email;
  @ValidIf(lowerThanOrEqualNow, customDescription: 'Values after now are not allowed')
  DateTime dateOfBirth;
  @Matches(r'\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d\d\d', customDescription: 'The entered SSN is invalid')
  String ssn;

main() {
  var invalidPerson = new Person()
        ..id = 1
        ..firstName = ''
        ..lastName = ''
        ..dateOfBirth = new DateTime(2030, 11, 9)
        ..ssn = '123',
      validPerson = new Person()
        ..id = 2
        ..firstName = 'Joe'
        ..lastName = 'Doe'
        ..email = '[email protected]'
        ..dateOfBirth = new DateTime(1989, 11, 9)
        ..ssn = '123-45-6789';
  print('invalidPerson: ${validate(invalidPerson)}');
  print('validPerson: ${validate(validPerson)}');
  will print:
      isValid: false,
      errors: {
        firstName: [Length should be greather than 2],
        lastName: [Length should be greather than 2], 
        email: [The entered email is invalid], 
        dateOfBirth: [Values after now are not allowed], 
        ssn: [The entered SSN is invalid]
    validPerson: isValid: true, errors: {}



The Validator library.