A simple console application that enables hackers to get latest soccer scores and fixtures.
At the present moment, doksan only supports 18 teams that consist Turkish Super League.
All data is being parsed from


  • Run pub global activate doksan on command line.
  • Add your pub-cache's bin directory to PATH. (e.g. Add export PATH="$PATH":"~/.pub-cache/bin" to .bashrc)


This application is pure Dart and works on only Dart VM.

Flags and Options:

Option: -l, --league: Specify which league you want to get information about. Must be provided.
Option: -t, --team: Specify which team you want to get information about. Optional.
Flag: -r, --isResults: Get previous results or not. When used with a team name, it returns results of last 5 games.
Flag: -f, --isNextMatches: Get next games or not. When used with a team name, it returns next 5 games.

Sample Usage:

Sample Input:

dart main.dart -l tr -t trabzonspor -f

Sample Output:

Feb 11  8:00 Osmanl─▒spor vs Trabzonspor
Feb 20 12:00 Trabzonspor vs Alanyaspor
Feb 26 13:00 Konyaspor vs Trabzonspor
Mar  5 13:00 Trabzonspor vs Karab├╝kspor
Mar 12 14:00 Akhisar Belediyespor vs Trabzonspor


  • Get scorer information for games.
  • Styling for proper listing of games.
  • Leagues and teams data other than Turkish League.
  • League information, fixtures, results.