Dart doc coverage

The Dart doc coverage tool examines a Dart library (or package), judging the comments of the public API. Dart doc coverage examines exactly the comments that will appear at dartdocs.org (e.g. path's docs)

  • 0% means that a library or class has 0 comments on any methods, variables, etc.

  • 100% means that a library or class has a comment for every method, variable, etc., and that each comment is formatted properly, according to some opinions.

Currently, Dart doc coverage examines the comments of:

  • libraries
  • classes
  • typedefs
  • errors
  • library-level functions
  • library-level variables
  • class-level methods (constructors, getters, setters, methods, operators)
  • class-level variables

In general, the formatting of comments is expected to follow the Guidelines for Dart Doc Comments. Specifically, the Dart doc coverage tool checks the following rules:


  • The following should have a comment: classes, methods, getters, setters, operators, constructors, and variables.

  • The first paragraph of any comment should be a one-sentence description.
  • A method comment should have at least two paragraphs. A variable comment can have just one.

  • A comment should end with a period.


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Contributions welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines.


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