Dart Lines Of Code


DLOC is a Dart program to count blank lines, comment lines and physical lines of source code. Inspired by the cloc Perl script.

Output example:

LOC computation started...

files     language                 blank     comment   code
1         Java                     6         13        16
1         JSP                      8         12        4
1         HTML                     3         5         10
1         SQL                      3         4         3
1         Visual Basic             0         3         1
1         Progress                 15        26        24
1         Uniface                  5         1         14
1         Bourne Again Shell       6         2         16
1         Bourne Shell             6         2         16
1         Delphi                   10        29        12
1         XML                      6         13        7
10        Dart                     213       2869      5331

LOC computation done in: 517 ms


DLOC is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

This software contains third party components. Please, see the LICENSE file for details.


Download the Dart SDK and unzip the ZIP file.

Put dart-sdk/bin in your PATH.

If behind a proxy, set the environment variables: http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy.

Use the pub global command to install DLOC into your system.

pub global activate dloc


If you have modified your PATH, you can run DLOC from any local directory.

$ dloc /path/to/sources

Otherwise you can use the pub global command.

$ pub global run dloc /path/to/sources


$ dloc
-r, --recursive           Recurse into sub-directories.
                          (defaults to on)

-S, --follow-links        Follow symbolic links.
    --encoding            The encoding to use (do not specify if unknown).
                          [utf8, latin1]

    --match-d             Only count files in directories matching the regex.
    --not-match-d         Count all files except those in directories matching the regex.
    --match-f             Only count files whose basenames match the regex.
    --not-match-f         Count all files except those whose basenames match the regex.
    --report-file         Write the results to <file> file instead of STDOUT.
    --by-file             Report results for every source file encountered.
    --by-file-by-lang     Report results for every source file encountered in addition to reporting by language.
    --print-cmd-detail    Print details about command arguments.
    --sum-reports         Makes a cumulative set of results containing the sum of data from the individual report files.
    --show-lang           Print information about all known languages and exit.

Recognized Languages

$ dloc --show-lang

ASP                  (.asa,.asp)
ASP.Net              (.asax,.ascx,.asmx,.aspx,.config,.master,.sitemap,.webinfo)
Bourne Again Shell   .bash
Bourne Shell         (.sh)
C#                   (.cs)
COBOL                (.cbl,.CBL,.cob,.COB)
DOS Batch            (.bat,.BAT,.cmd,.CMD)
Dart                 (.dart)
Delphi               (.dpr,.pas)
Delphi Forms         (.dfm,.nfm)
GSP                  (.gsp)
Groovy               (.gant,.groovy)
HTML                 (.htm,.html)
JSP                  (.jsp)
Jasper XML           (.jrxml)
Java                 (.java)
Javascript           (.js)
Progress             (.P,.p,.I,.I[0-9]{2},.F,.adm,.fd)
SQL                  (.psql,.SQL,.sql,.pkb,.pks,.pls)
Talend items         (.item)
Uniface              (.cptlst,.menlst,.prclst)
Visual Basic         (.bas,.cls,.ctl,.dsr,.frm,.vb,.VB,.vba,.VBA,.vbs,.VBS)
XML                  (.xml,.XML)

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