Minimal build system for dev_compiler

This is a minimal build system to help people experiment with dev_compiler.


Install with pub global activate devc_builder.


Launch the build with the following command:

devc_builder main_package_path output_directory main_file_path


  • main_package_path is the path to the main package to build
  • output_directory guess what it is ?
  • main_file_path is the relative path of the file (without the extension) inside the main package where your main() function resides


devc_builder my_app out index

will build the app inside my_app folder (that should be already "pub getted") in folder out using the file my_app/lib/index.dart as entry point.


This tool will transitively examine the main package dependencies and produce a single js module for each. All the .dart file inside any package will be considered for compilation, all the other files copied to the output.

Compilation for hosted packages will be cached inside the folder .repo and reused for the next build.

Then it will create an index.html that will load all the dependencies and execute the main function in the main_file_path.

The index.html will be created with this template:

'use strict';
@[email protected]
@[email protected]

You can provide your own template in web/index.html:

  • @[email protected] will be replaced with all the import script from the dependencies and the SDK.
  • @[email protected] will be replaced with the bootstrap code needed to execute the main function in the main file

You can test the results using a recent chrome or translate it with babelJS.


  • use args processing lib
  • execute babelJS / vulcanize / etc. etc.
  • try using build (can it be done ? how to handle group of sources?)