Minimal build system for dev_compiler

This is a minimal build system to help people experiment with dev_compiler.


Install with pub global activate devc_builder.


Launch the build with the following command:

devc_builder main_package_path output_directory main_file_path


  • main_package_path is the path to the main package to build
  • output_directory guess what it is ?
  • main_file_path is the relative path inside the main package where your main() function resides


This tool will transitively examine the main package dependencies and produce a single js module for each.

Then it will create an index.html that will load all the dependencies and execute the main function in the main_file_path.

You can test the results using chrome canary or translate it with babelJS and use chrome. If simple enough recent chrome version can run it without any translations.


  • copying resources (at the moment it only translates .dart sources)
  • execute babelJS / vulcanize / etc. etc.
  • try using build (can it be done ? how to handle group of sources?)