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A pubspec authoring tool.

Den is a CLI with commands manipulating pubspecs. It allows you to manipulate your pubspec dependencies via install, uninstall, fetch, and pull commands.


pub global activate den


###Package Authors

Add the following package installation instructions to your README:

pub global activate den
den install <your package name>

###End Users

# `den ...` requires Dart >=1.7, on 1.6 use `pub global run den ...`

# Install dependencies (defaults to '>={latest stable} <{next breaking}')
den install polymer browser
den install unittest --dev
den install polymer#any
den install git:// -sgit
den install git:// -sgit
den install path/to/foo -spath

# Uninstall dependencies
den uninstall junk kludge

# Keep dependencies up-to-date

# Show outdated (all by deafult)
den fetch
den fetch polymer

# Update outdated to '>={latest stable} <{next breaking}' (all by default)
den pull
den pull polymer

# Install comprehensive TAB-completion for den
den completion install

# Complete commands, options, package names, etc.
den i[TAB] -> install
den install unit[TAB] -> unittest
den uninstall j[TAB] -> junk
den fetch p[TAB] -> polymer
den pull p[TAB] -> polymer

##^ Constraints

den install and den pull will take advantage of ^ constraints e.g. ^1.2.3 if either of:

  • Your sdk constraint disallows pre-1.8.0 SDKs when ^ was introduced.
  • You pass the --caret flag, which updates your sdk constraint for you.

Otherwise, they will use range syntax e.g. >=1.2.3 <2.0.0


den install was inspired by npm install --save and bower install --save den fetch and den pull were inspired by david and david update.