Some helper tools

  • Hist: hkl 2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib
  • READY-STATE for version 0.0.1 90 % in GIT


demoToolsReadiness num
read / write
some class tests.. for coming use
read / write
toolsActive Map<String, bool>
read / write
toolsSpeed Map<num, String>
sample map
read / write


operationMapPrint(Map thisMap) → void
just a note, howTo print a map
printClass(thisClass, String str1, String str2, String str3) → void
To print class, that is commonly used in dawo
printN(num n) → void
printNS(num n, String str2) → void
printSS(String str, String str2) → void
some functions for to print two values
sleepMS(int waitingTime, [ bool info ]) → void
sleep method with time and optional info
sleepSimple(int waitingTime) → void
small sleep-methods, to get time, to see, what is happening in tests