Dev & team

Some helper stuff for screen prints and notes. Team - for many developers working in same project

  • Hist:hkl 19.1.2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib some elementary dev-tools for dawo
  • READY-STATE 94% for version 0.0.1 GitHub: yes 29.11.2014


for simple: "hello-I-am" -tests TODO name can not be this name it is already used ??


dawoDevReadiness num
read / write
devBlame String
read / write
devTestCount num
read / write
devTestMap Map<String, String>
for future use: map for testing dev
read / write
devTestMorn String
read / write
devTestNight String
two members (persons) of devTest team:
read / write
devTestPhase bool
read / write


devMsg(String unit, String whoDoneThis) → dynamic
NOTE team-team developers can send messages to each others in test printings Simple message to track run and development
devTest(String unit, String whoDoneThis) → num
TODO teamDev: should this be named to devTestInfo ?? devInfo ?? report testers info
devTestEnd(String module) → void
notate single test end
devTestLine(String module) → void
TODO teamDev Function make rbFunc, rnFunc, rsFunc (runStringFunc returns String) present simple message while testing
devTestMapShow() → void
function for to print devTestMap
devTestsDone(String module) → void
present simple DONE message after all tests are done
devTestsEnd(String module) → void
notate all tests ended
tf(rf) → void
This is (messy) function that is used to run other function in tests it is called: tf(testSomething); Problems: null method do not have... call
tfDyn(rf) → void
Dynamic-parameter-function, that is used to run other function in tests it is called: tfDyn(testSomething);