App class

Some information about app, and little controls. Program might have a certain amount of 'self consciousness'. This is start.

  • ReadyState: 95 % for version 0.0.1 in GitHub yes
  • hkl 3.5.2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib dawo_app. base status of dawo Almost all parts changed to libraries


class that holds 'soul' of THIS dawo app
base class for to extend
low level work-flow "flags" are in dawlib.....


appMap Map<String, String>
models and sample maps ; for later usage and playing
read / write
appPhase Map<String, String>
TODO teamInno this map is for testing work-flow routines
read / write
dawo001 Map<String, String>
map to hold development status of this app / version
read / write
dawoAppReadiness num
getter practice
read / write
flagMap Map<int, String>
TODO teamNext for to use in next versions NOTE: int '1' do not give error... how about int?
read / write