Dart Streams

  • NEXT: modify these, connect to classes and lists. use stream_channel pack
  • Hist: hkl 4.5.2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib info with streams to dawo-staff
  • READY-STATE: 90% in GitHub : yes

examples wrapped from: https://www.dartlang.org/docs/tutorials/streams/ Copyright notice should not concern this file... since it's from dartlang


dawLibStreamReadiness num
read / write
TODO teamNext PLAN: Use futures for outPut ugly hack: list here
read / write


addToStream(Stream thisStream, SenderListener) → void
how to add new data into stream?? => use streamController
presentBroadcastStream() → void
samples of broadcast stream
presentFileStream() → void
presentGenericStream() → void
presentHyperStream(sData, sListen, String sReceiver) → void
String? streamReceiver "hyperStream" makes it better
presentSingleValueStream() → void
presentStreamBase() → void
basic stream example...
presentStreamCreate() → void
PLAN: some functions with long names..
presentStreamExmpl() → void
another basic stream example
presentStreamListen() → void
presentStreamTransform() → void
howToNote: how to add to stream.. with streamController !!
presentStreamValidate() → void
presentSuperStream(streamData, streamListen) → void
presentUnsubscribeFromStream() → void
more stream methods