Chore for organizing work flow.

Controlling work-flow and processes. Wrapper round of your small piece of code: Put your actual code inside Chore.

## chore became eventually its own, independent package, and it did fly out of dawo with it's own wings. Here will be small version of it.

hkl 6.5.2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib Common "w o r k flow" methods for dawo Ready-state: 94% in GitHub: yes updated 22.04.2015///

Meant to: place ALL common W O R K procedures here Automatic- life-cycle / W O R K / messages and rolling


temporary added here, from my chore-package (path based) to solve errors.
PLAN: organize W O R K TODO chore ERROR: PROBLEM: can't use baseClass from team_chore-chore


admNotes List<String>
read / write
dawLibWorkReadiness num
using - getters -example
read / write
devNotes List<String>
read / write
howToNotes List<String>
read / write
innoNotes List<String>
read / write


doChore() → void
main W O R K routines
endChore() → void
routines, after W O R K is done
initChore() → void
PLAN: this is meant to.... ?? initialize some start-values TODO collection-list add .. is there control for these lists and adds?
renderChore() → void
example / testing chore
sideAll() → void
USAGE: run occasionally / timely, in sidebar
startChore(roller, alog, xList, yChore, zSignal) → void
flow of chore might be like this... Functions to execute W O R K flow
topAll() → void
some elementary: "execute-in-every-user-command-if-flagged" ideas sometimes these X 10 objects are executed in EVERY occasion / keystroke.. PLAN small checks, updates, msg:s, notes aso. But only, if marked in "flow - chart"
underAll() → void
USAGE: these are meant to be avoided.. as long as possible