Some useful copy-paste stuff for learning simple functions. GOAL: find common, reusable elements for control-flow, and develop names, and ideas- In GitHub, for to be able to modify while on-The-Road.

This serves as example: What can you develop from these ideas..?

  • hkl 20.4.2014 0.0.1 dawo/lib Collection of control-flow structures
  • readyState for 0.0.1. 94% in gitHub: yes
  • Words: batLoop: 11 / 21, batman : 18, robin : 27, joker : 31 times.


TODO teamNext class : NOT-READY not much use yet to BatLoop class but however... of course here must be class for this..


batFlags Map<String, bool>
NOT-READY sample-data batFlags
read / write
batHurry Map<num, String>
NOT-READY, PLAN? bat Hurry map xxx
read / write
batInfo Map<String, String>
sample data to develope some maps for dawlib PLAN: Maybe: menu... mnFile, mnOpen, mnEdit ...
read / write
batLoopReadiness → num
batWorld Map<String, String>
PLAN: autoRunMap
read / write


batCount(numX, numY, numZ) → num
Totals sums of 3 functions, WHICH RETURN num values.
batFight(batman, robin, joker, bool condition) → bool
TODO teamDev Untested function, NOT-READY TODO teamNext returns, when joker returns false and others are true
batHome(batman, robin, joker) → void
PLAN: maybe some base-class.. and these three work inside it MAYBE: using dependency injection so plant 3 in one
batLooperTest() → void
UNTESTED: tests batLoop functions
batLoopInfo() → void
presents info about batLoop functions: batLoopInfo
batMobile(batman, robin, joker) → void
Maybe some class, which includes these 3 methods. Mobile must be... but what would it do ?
batRide(batman, robin, joker, num batNum, num robinNum, numJokerNum) → void
TODO teamNext PLAN: execute 3 of functions X times.. or X DISTANCE.
batTotal(batman, robin, joker) → num
Totals sums of 3 functions, WHICH RETURN num value. (simple)
commandLoop() → void
model from sample loop for switch cases
doBatLine(String msg) → void
doLine(String msg) → void
isBoolLoop() → void
borrowed directly from dartlang docs... I think TODO teamNext NOT-READY. PLAN: yes.. but what?
joker(batman, robin, joker) → void
PLAN: exception in output.. joker wins.. maybe..
oneRowIf() → void
from For very simple conditions, you can write an if statement on one line of code. Here is an example:
renderBatLoop() → void
rollTrue(batman, robin, joker) → void
Roll 3 functions until everyone returns true
trueBat(bat, robin, joker, bool condition) → bool
three functions are rolled until ALL THREE return true TODO Functions ..something clever planned here... suppose, but what?