AlDente-functions in dawo

Bunch of simple functions, acting variously, mostly boolean conditions. Including some funny logical-naming-errors, where name do not correspond to functionality. Seeking common, reusable functions.

  • Hist: hkl 15.5.2014 dawo/lib 0.0.1
  • readyState for 0.0.1. 95% in gitHub: YES 22.04.2015
  • naming main-library to _src, after all data is in src-directory


aldenteFuncReadiness → num
collecting some numeric data with getters
isAlDente bool
boolean value for handling function values
read / write


abcSetBFunc() → bool
Set values of 3 bool functions to local variables
abFunc() → bool
------------------ 3 return-bool-functions
aFunc() → bool
------------------ 3 return true-false functions TODO teamDev Function return : add some logic to return values (no-bool)
alDente(myConditionFunc, yourConditionFunc, bool condition) → bool
TODO teamAdm Suspended..(find errors) partly untested Base type of alDente func MAKE THIS TO BE SO
alDenteAsync(fFunc, sFunc, bool condition) → bool
functions roll until condition is set (but no more than 3 times) nothing async here but in next version
aldenteFuncInit() → num
Series of simple functions using & returning different types simple function returning a number
alDenteLong(firstFunction, secondFunction, bool conduct) → void
alDente functions roll until condition is set true and make these run parallel / aSync & 'long' logic
alDenteNot(firstFunction, secondFunction, bool clause) → void
alDenteOne(myConditionFunc, yourConditionFunc, bool condition) → bool
alDenteXxx functions roll until condition is set (but no more than 3 times)
alDenteShort(boolFuncOne, boolFuncTwo, bool fulfill) → void
Function, that runs until BOTH parameter functions return: true
alDenteThree(fFunc, sFunc, bool condition) → bool
functions roll until condition is set (but no more than 3 times) logic not checked lol
anFunc() → num
------------------ 3 return-num-functions For to give material to hackings
asFunc() → String
------------------ 3 return-String-functions for to allow easy hacking: modify these as you like
avFunc() → void
------------------ 3 void -functions void functions do not return any value
bbFunc() → bool
bFunc() → bool
bnFunc() → num
bsFunc() → String
bvFunc() → void
cbFunc() → bool
cFunc() → bool
another simple bool
cnFunc() → num
commandHandler(thisCommand, thisOp, msg) → void
PLAN: common method for "meddling" between different functions (maybe) TODO teamAdm not-ready, Untested.. ..use-cases for this ?
csFunc() → String
cvFunc() → void
isolateFuncTwo(bool condition) → void
purpose: roll function inside isolate nothing isolate here yet
listHandler(thisCom, thisOp, String msg) → void
------- Using team Lists, or something useful...listHandler.. Great Name.. ..
listPrint(thisList, String msg) → void
just for to remember this handy .forEach(print) command
sleep(int _wTime) → void
from punch/tools/signal simple sleep method