A required library for the Dartup alpha. That gives you the runtime configuration to run your service on the Dartup platform.

Quick api overview:

Most of these functions have arguments in from of default argument that is used when not running on the Dartup platform.

  • bool onDartup() Returns true if running on Dartup
  • int httpPort(defaultPort) return port you need listen to get traffic from the proxy.
  • String httpAddress(defaultAddress) return ip you need to listen get traffic from the proxy.
  • Future<HttpServer> bind(defaultAddress,defaultPort) a convenient Dartup version of HttpServer.bind
  • String mainDomain() get the domain you are configured as. Only works if onDartup is true.

Quick example:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:dartup/dartup.dart' as dartup;

main() async{
  HttpServer server = await dartup.bind('localhost',8080);
  server.listen((HttpRequest request){
      request.response.write('Hello world from Dartup');
      request.response.write('Hello world');



Helper library for writing Dart server application running on the Dartup platform.