DartRocket is a HTML5 Game Engine, which is written in Dart and uses the StageXL rendering engine. The main goal of this framework is to provide an easy to use solution for HTML5 game making with the Dart language.

##How to start? Please check out the wiki.

For fast start you can use the basic template.

You can find additional examples in the documentation and in the examples directory in dartrocket's github repo.

##Documentation DartRocket's Documentation on dartdocs.org.

##Support/Forum If you have any question or problem. Just make a topic and ask. DartRocket's forum

##Blog The Framework has a blog, which will provide information about how the development is going.

##Examples These example's build will be updated, when there is a new version of DartRocket.

SpaceInvader shows a basic space invader game.

StateMachine shows how the statemanager work.

MovementSystem shows how the sprite can move. You can move with w,a,s,d and you can rotate with q,e and you can accelerate with j,k.

World-Camera shows how the camera works. You can move the ship with w,a,s,d, you can unfollow the ship with Space and you can move camera with cursors.

Gravity shows the gravity system in the game. You can move the rectangle with w,a,s,d.